How Ayurvedic Medicines Ensures Overall Well Being

Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 5000 years now because of its philosophy to maintain balance between the mind, the body and the soul. The practice of Ayurveda is based on prevention of disease with the proper treatment including a blend of healthy diet, a maintained lifestyle, natural remedies and detoxification. Ayurveda is based on the principle of “The science of life”- it means living your life in harmony with the environment around us and letting our body gain health benefits from it.

The Ayurveda revolves around three body types or doshas namely- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All the three doshas have different and unique characteristics and any irregularity or disturbance in these can affect the human body in various ways. After years of research and experimentation with different Ayurvedic and herbal products, Shivya Ayurveda has become one of the leading brands in providing Ayurvedic medicines. Our products are 100% original, natural and authentic with zero artificial ingredients. Visit our website to know more about us and our products.

With a countless number of remedies and solutions, Ayurveda medicines ensure the overall well being of people from all over the world. Below are the proven health benefits of Ayurvedic medicines.

  1. Curing the root of the problem-

Ayurveda believes in curing the root causes of the disease, not just the problem. It is not a healing process that would help people cure their diseases instantly, instead it takes some time, understanding the disease so that it can be cured from the roots. It strives to prevent the disease in the future by cleansing, detoxifying and strengthening the body tissues accordingly. Ayurvedic remedies help in maintaining the balance between the doshas which is important for a healthy body.

  1. Treating body as a whole-

Ayurveda provides the oldest and the most affected remedies as it embraces the whole body, mind and soul of the patient. The traditional medicine system believes that maintaining the balance between these three can prevent illness, treat illness and acute diseases, contributing to a healthy and fine lifestyle.

  1. Time-tested remedies and treatments-

Ayurveda has the best and time-tested remedies as the ayurvedic legacy has been carried since 5000 years. The three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha are formed from the different components of the “prakruti” (body composition). The body types differ from person to person which are influenced by genetic and lifestyle choices.

  1. Using the eight Ayurvedic methods-

Ayurveda uses the eight methods also known as- Ashtavidha rogi pareeksha to diagnose and cure diseases. It is equally important to understand the doshas of every individual for complete prevention and treatment of the disease. The methods include-

  • Naadi (pulse)
  • Mutra (urine)
  • Mala (stool)
  • Shabda (voice)
  • Jivha (tongue)
  • Sparsha (skin)
  • Drik (eyes)
  • Aakriti (body build)
  1. Ayurveda is more than just herbs-

Yes, most of the remedies and treatment in Ayurveda involves herbs but it is more than just herbs. There are other substances too in Ayurvedic treatment like milk, honey, ghee, oil, etc. All ayurvedic remedies and therapies have healthy and natural substances that allow the body to maintain the right balance.

  1. No side effects-

The best thing about Ayurvedic medicines and remedies is that there are no side effects. As Ayurvedic medicines are all chemical free and natural as they are made from herbs and other healthy ingredients. With no side effects of any Ayurvedic medicine, it is the best medical system for acute as well as chronic diseases.

  1. Cost effective-

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system has the most effective and safest remedies and treatments that are cost effective and affordable. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines can even be made at home using the basic herbs and substances that are found in every household.

  1. Helps building immunity-

Ayurvedic remedies and herbs help people to build their immune system and prevent seasonal illnesses like cold, cough and high temperatures. Ayurvedic boosters like Ashwagandha and Chyawanprash help in maintaining and building your immunity. If your immunity is strong, your body will fight back and protect it from any diseases and illnesses.

Offering extensive and effective therapies, Ayurveda has many life altering health benefits that can help people maintain their weight, control their blood pressure levels, sugar levels and reduce inflammation. The herbs and other substances cleanses the body, detoxifying it, maintaining the balance in your whole body. Make the most of these points and lead a healthy Ayurveda life and see the changes by yourself.

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