Sahil Aggarwal: Promoting A Sense Of Balance With Shivya Ayurveda

Mr. Aggarwal has built the Shivya Ayurveda brand on years of research and planning. His mission is to make India’s traditional wellness system more accessible to the general public.

Enabling a new outlook for one of India’s oldest systems.

Today, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a growing imbalance in people’s physical and mental wellbeing. Mr. Sahil Aggarwal hopes to restore equilibrium by providing natural and holistic healthcare options to everyone through his wellness start-up – Shivya Ayurveda.

Sahil Aggarwal’s Mission for Shivya Ayurveda

Mr. Aggarwal has built the Shivya Ayurveda brand on years of research and planning. His mission is to make India’s traditional wellness system more accessible to the general public.

The brand is working towards making Ayurveda healthcare, one of the world’s oldest medical systems, more adaptable to the modern world and reliable as a medical aide.

As the CEO, Mr. Aggarwal, is moulding the brand with the mindset of changing the way the world perceives Ayurveda.

He wants Shivya Ayurveda to be recognized for its authentic and traditional support for modern lifestyle issues. And he has driven the brand forward with a result-oriented approach that provides tangible solutions and outcomes to those seeking the help of this alternative wellness path.

The Rich History Behind His Brand

Shivya Ayurveda’s products are backed by 40 years of learning and deep research. However, the brand’s healthcare system is based on the traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of Sadhu RamKrishan.

He had taken Mr. Madan Aggarwal, Mr. Shahil’s father, as a disciple and passed on his knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda to Mr. Madan before departing from this world.

Later, Mr. Madan started sharing this knowledge with the general public and creating medicines to help remedy common ailments.

Mr. Sahil, who saw his father working hard to help others, was inspired. He took up the mantle to serve others as well and launched Shivya Ayurveda. However, he made it his mission to improve the efficacy of Ayurveda and create the next generation of all-round wellness support for people in a modern world.

Today, Mr. Sahil has made Shivya Ayurveda an ISO-certified, non-GMO, and clinically approved brand that is going above and beyond the perceived potential of traditional Ayurveda. The brand offers two healthcare regimes, wellness and skin care, to help people find a natural solution to troubling ailments.

The Scope of His Venture

Ayurveda’s cardinal aim has always been to restore the imbalance in mind, body, and spirit. Mr. Sahil Aggarwal is putting Ayurvedic healthcare back into the spotlight to create awareness and help people lead healthier and stress and disease-free lives.

Supported by programs like National AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) mission in India, and WHO’s Traditional Medicine Strategy, Ayurveda is believed to be a key to providing sustainable and accessible healthcare in both rural and urban areas. It strengthens the possibility of providing dignified healthcare options to all.

Furthermore, it is even starting to gain traction in the scientific community as an effective approach to holistic healthcare. Various results from clinical trials have found that Ayurvedic medicine has produced similar results as compared to allopathic medicine. These trials include Ayurvedic medicine for pain reduction, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and stomach health.

Moving Forward on an Inspirational Journey

Mr. Sahil Aggarwal had practices law for 6 years before changing fields to pursue the family business. He has maintained a business ethic that combines a modern approach with respected family traditions and values.

He envisioned a world where the benefits of Ayurveda are more conspicuous. So, using his diverse business experience in manufacturing and retail, he launched Shivya Ayurveda as a start-up.

The Ayurvedic Healthcare brand is his dream, and he intends to make it a big success not only for himself but for the people around him.

Being an avid reader, he’s constantly learning more about entrepreneurship through novels and autobiographies by business leaders. And he intends to use this knowledge to empower the youth while proving to them first-hand by making his own ventures successful.

When asked about why he wants to influence the new generation of entrepreneurs, Mr. Sahil Aggarwal said: “I always believe everyone has the potential as the human mind has no limitations. It can help you accomplish wonders if you are willing to believe in yourself. I want to see more people follow their dreams and bring them to life.”

Mr. Sahil Aggarwal currently uses his social channels to mentor young entrepreneurs and support budding start-ups. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, to see how he aims to bring a sense of balance to people’s lives in today’s world.

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