Summer Hair Care Tips According To Ayurveda

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From the very beginning, Ayurvedic experts always focused on maintaining a proper balance between the body, mind and soul. They have believed that health starts from within, which is true. As the heat is increasing day by day and the summers are just round the corner, it is difficult to keep our skin and hair healthy and gorgeous. According to Ayurveda, the health of every hair on your scalp represents the health of your whole body and both depend on a nutritious diet. Other than that, the health of your beautiful and luscious hair depends on the doshas (the body-mind constitution), stress, pollution, hormonal changes and the weather as well.

With the over-exposure of skin and hair to the sun in the summer season, it is normal to have sweaty hair, dandruff and rough scalp. As much as we all love the summers, this season also damages our body and hair to a great extent. To put an end to all of this, there are Ayurvedic formulated remedies and DIY hair masks that can help us reverse all the damage. Ayurveda is all about uniqueness and it celebrates individuality by focusing on all types of hair and skin textures.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Hair fall, dandruff, split ends and scalp burns are normal in the summer season, it is our responsibility to take care of these by maintaining and following a proper hair care routine.

Hair oil massage- By massaging your scalp and hair with Ayurvedic hair oil on an alternate day basis can help you maintain your gorgeous and shiny hair. Choose the hair oil which has rich Ayurvedic ingredients like bhringraj, neem, amla, kadi patta, shigru, coconut oil, etc. All these ingredients help with the growth and thickness of hair. Using Ayurvedic hair oil during summers protects your hair and scalp from the cruelties of this season.

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Appropriate and nutritious diet- Focusing on a healthy and nutritious diet during summer season helps people with the proper maintenance of their body, mind and soul, leading to overall good health. Eat a diet based on your doshas levels, containing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutritions so that your hair is healthy and shiny. Try to add dairy products like yogurt, buttermilk, paneer, etc to your daily diet. Eating food items that have a cooling effect on your body also helps with the growth and health of your hair like cucumber, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, barley, leafy green vegetables, etc.

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Aloe Vera- Aloe vera is a magical ingredient that has numerous health and nutritional benefits. Massaging your scalp with aloe vera gel on a daily basis provides relief from scalp burns and softens the hair. Leave it for half or one hour and then clean it off with water, following this routine for twice a week can make a healthy change in your hair. It adds shine, repairs split ends, removes dryness and dandruff and also prevents hair loss.

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Use Neem- Create a fine paste of neem by grinding it properly. Apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it thoroughly using the normal water. It prevents hair fall and dandruff during the summer season. One of the most used ingredients in Indian households, neem helps with the maintenance of healthy hair.

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Covering your head with a scarf or cap can also help shield the scalp from the direct UV rays of the sun. Try to use Ayurvedic products for your skin and hair as well because they have medicinal properties which have no side effects.

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