Summer Skin Care Tips According To Ayurveda

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Summer is a time when the temperatures soar up and are at their peak which leads to a number of changes in our bodies, skin and hair. People can’t wait to plunge and jump off in the pools to cool off their heat and enjoy the summery vibes. But before dipping into the madness and excitement of the summer season, there are problems that the scorching heat brings like burns, tanning, rashes and sweating. The humidity in the air causes sweating, makes your skin prone to dirt and also increases the chances of getting skin infection.

There are different ways through which people try to bring down the heat and the skin infections. DIY face masks and home remedies are the most common ways to get rid of the side effects caused by the summer season. As we all know that according to Ayurveda, every individual is unique and different with the combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. It is important to maintain the balance between the three doshas so that our body, mind and soul are balanced and levelled. Here are some summer skin care tips according to Ayurveda.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summers are almost here and we have started feeling the heat, sweats and changes in our skin already. Here are some amazing skin care tips according to Ayurveda.

  1. Go for a light diet- In the summer season, it is better if people stick to light and liquid diets as the temperature is constantly increasing. Drink as much water, juices, coconut water and liquids as you can so that your body is always hydrated and protected from the harsh heat. Eating light food can help people to maintain their digestive systems in the summer season as eating a heavy diet can cause a lot of problems in this season. Including food that are sweet, sour and salty can help with the maintenance of body temperature.
    Summer Skin Care Tips According To Ayurveda
  2.  Having foods that have a cooling effect- Adding watermelon, cucumber, curd, manuka or black grapes, gulkand, coconut water and other food items can help cool down your body temperatures. Gulkand which is prepared by using the freshly picked rose petals and sugar which is an amazing Ayurvedic drink that helps you cool down. As food and liquid is one of the biggest sources of energy in our bodies, it is our responsibility to take care of it. Eating Pitta specified foods like plums, berries, prunes, lettuce, cucumbercapsicum and tomatoes can be helpful as they have a cooling effect on our bodies and skin.
  3. Using rose water- Using rose water and applying it on the skin and bare face provides some cooling relief so that our skin does not become prone to infections and dirt. It supports the skin by always keeping it moisturised and nourished.
  4. Using aloe vera gel and DIY masks- There are people who are not very used to the harsh heat and sun rays as their skin burns and tans easily in the summer season. It is better if they apply Ghritkumari or aloe vera gel on their face as it can do wonders on the burnt or tanned skin. Also, DIY masks are a hit during summer season as these masks are made keeping in mind the different skin types. DIY masks are oxygen rich with different ingredients in the masks.
  5. Keep your skin nourished- Keeping your skin nourished and hydrated is the most important thing to do in the summer season. Creating and following a proper skin care routine and adding Ayurvedic formulated remedies can help your skin with a glowing and hydrated effect.

It is better to maintain a proper skin care routine in the summer season which includes products like aloe vera, rose water, and some ayurvedic formulated ingredients so that your skin can have the cooling effect. It is better to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and liquids.

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